Child Care Centre | Educational Facility | Library | Community Centre
Playground surface no longer passes the impact test?
Child care facility does not meet applicable standards?
Time to renovate a classroom?

VF Renovation has an extensive working experience in child care centres, education facilities, libraries and community centres. All of our labour forces passes regular vulnerable sector screening including those subcontractors performing work at such facilities. Our team of professionals has a great knowledge of Design & Technical Guidelines for these facilities as they tend to be facility and project specific. We have a proven successful track record and consistently progress in products and services that we provide to the institutional sector.

  • Playground Surface & Structure Installation
  • Washroom Facility
  • Classrooms
  • Custom Kitchenette Design
  • Fitness Centre


We have an extensive working experience in an institutional sector. From 24/7 emergency response to large design/build projects, we have got you covererd


Our health & safety policy, construction safety protocols and vulnerable sector checks are at the core values of the company


We stand behind our work and pay attention to small details. We strive for zero deficiency construction.


Our goal is to bring environmentally friendly and innovative products to our clients to improve the quality of service and the ecological footprint